“A doctor once told me I feel too much. I said, so does god. that’s why you can see the grand canyon from the moon.”

― Andrea Gibson

There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of a full moon, when its light illuminates the darkness of the night. 

The Moon has been for thousands of years looked upon with wondering eyes. She has been given many names, many qualities, but none more powerful than that of the archetype of the feminine and the woman. 

One thing the Moon does best is always change and always flow, and it is just magical to watch. She begins as a new moon, waxes to her full phase and wanes back towards herself. She also transits through each sign of the zodiac every 2-1/2 days. Wherever she is found in your chart, is where you are going to feel the most fluctuating energy. And she welcomes you to embrace the change and embrace her beauty.

This is the flow of the feminine, this is the flow of the woman, this is the flow of the priestess.

There is something so powerful when we learn how to connect with her. Knowledge about the Moon has been hidden and so forgotten, and it seems that when we are ready to receive her wisdom, she welcomes us in. 

This course, is a return back to you. 

It is a return back to your natural flow, a return back to self-love, back to your essence as a woman. When you remember her secrets, which you will learn all about here, you will begin to walk forward in life, empowered, aware, strengthened and in your High Priestess power. 

I hope you are ready to dive deep into this Moon Magic. 

-Jai Gobind

What you will learn

  • Moon Phases

    Learn what the phases of the Moon are and how they affect you on a personal level.

  • The Moon in astrology

    Learn all about the symbolism of the Moon in astrology.

  • Psychic Moon gifts

    Learn what your psychic Moon gifts are based of your Moon sign.

  • Manifesting with the Moon

    Learn how to manifest with the different cycles of the Moon, and when are the best times for setting intentions and for releasing.

  • The Moon Centers

    Learn all about the 13 energetic Moon centers, how they affect you, how they work, where they are found in your body, how to determine which Moon center you are in currently and how to track them.

  • Meditation to balance the Emotions

    Learn a powerful yet simple meditation to help you balance your emotions, especially when you are in need of some calming, grounding and regrouping energy.


Jai Gobind

Channel for Grace

I have been inspired through my years of experience in yoga, meditation and self healing to share this magical world with you. There are so many tools like meditation, visualization, journaling and more that can be a transformational way to help you dive deeper into your experience of being a human being on this beautiful Earth! I want to share these tools with you. My passion is teaching you how to harness your inner voice, to uncover your Soul's calling and passion and create the life you've always dreamed of. 

What people are saying about Jai

“Jai Gobind is goddess of wisdom incarnate in human form. She embodies the divine feminine while honoring the divine masculine. Her gifts flow in abundance and she shares all that comes through freely and with grace. I have met many who walk this spirit path and few to none come close to what Jai walks with. Her humble strength allows the teachings that flow through her to deliver an impact which is desperately needed in this day and age. Her Tarot readings are light years beyond 99% of the people out there. Using her intuition and connection the message you need flows through with clarity and simplicity. I have a profound respect for how she shows up in this world and for the gifts she shares with any and all seeking to learn. Thank you dear soul for honoring your path in this lifetime, it is a gift to all who encounter you.”

Zaakera Stratman

“I highly recommend Jai Gobind for all your Truth-seeking needs. She is an extremely gifted reader, teacher and astrologer (among other things). She's the real deal and if you've come across this message, that means that you are too and Jai can help you explore that and understand what it is you are searching for. Whether that's more meaning in your life, an understanding of why something has transpired the way it has or to unlocking your true potential, origins and gifts. I guarantee you'll find what you need with her help. Since I started learning from Jai, I've opened up some amazing possibilities and energies for myself and others as well. I hope to continue to do so in an effort to help lift the vibration of consciousness as a whole.”

Wendy Hinojosa

“I love Jai's approach to astrology and the way she teaches! It's like she gives you all of the tools and explains how the different parts work together to let you access your own wisdom and insight. She's always sharing what she's learning, which makes her teaching accessible to beginners, and she takes an investigative approach, full of curiosity, making her courses fun and lively. I highly recommend her courses to anyone who's interested in learning more about astrology!”

Veronica Wiley

“The internet is full of social groups, clicks and cult's, but what I found at Channel for Grace, turned out to be a tribe (yes, an actual tribe) of people who had many things in common with myself. I had been invited to a new moon ceremony that a very close friend was attending on a YouTube Live. It was Jai Gobind. Immediately, I felt and remembered the whole culture she was providing. From the original indigenous music she played and sang, to the stories shared through her guides, Jai seemed like an incarnation of a great spiritual teacher like from long ago...give Jai your trust. She will guide you in truth.”

Chris Cassels

“I am BLOWN AWAY by the accuracy of this Starseed Ancestry reading. Multiple times through the video I found myself awe-struck by the detail she was giving me. It was like she was reading so many deep hidden secret truths about myself that had been tucked away or ignored, but I could feel them in my bones. Secrets that some of even my closest of friends don't know about me, parts of myself that I was taught to hide away as a kid. Phenomenal. If you're feeling pulled to get this reading I 100% recommend you get it here by Jai. It's like the stars are able to speak through her and I promise you will not be disappointing. I'm about to sign up for the next level of her Astral Starseed DNA Activation next. Amazing. I am amazed by the amount of accurate detail in this video and imagine I'll be re-watching it to take notes quite a bit.”

Brittany Eifler

“I've never felt so understood and complete. I resonated so much with this reading. I had chills the whole time and even cried! Questions that I have always had have been answered. I am totally signing up for the activation. So much makes sense! Thank you so much for this beautiful reading and for the work that you do!”

Abby Doyle

“An amazing spot on Star Seed reading with Jai. I was amazed at the accuracy of the reading. It provided me with insight and direction for living my life with Divine purpose.”

Belinda Eriacho

“I’ve had my Natal chart as well as current transits read by a few different people over the years. I can unequivocally say that none are as thorough or touch the level of intuitive insights that Jai Gobind provides in her reading. It took me days to simply digest the written report because it was so detailed and thorough. In addition, our time together walking through all the details of my charts was fascinating and comprehensive. She makes space for questions and discussion as she walks you through the information. Her way of reading is as much teaching as it is information transfer. Ultimately, what you end up with is a roadmap of what you came in with and how you can leverage that information to walk through your life. At this huge inflection point in the cosmos, her reading is a gift and grace that allows you to navigate life with confidence and support. Thank you for sharing your gifts in this way Jai.”

Zaakera Stratman

“WOW! Overwhelmed with gratitude, words don't fully express how I'm feeling about Jai Gobind. I finally found my soul family and Jai is my divinely guided guru! Her intuitive readings and courses are for anyone. Yes, especially YOU, reading this. You know you are not here by accident and we all have a specific and beautiful purpose. Don't you want to know what it is? Her intuition is her super power and uniqueness is like no one else. Her way of teaching is masterful and always with loving kindness. Through my Starseed Ancestry Reading, I finally had the answers to fully know my origins and real purpose. And then, Jai took me on an epic journey through the Astral Starseed DNA Activation, where I was able to awaken the depths of my soul and reconnect to my higher self. I finally felt like I came home. I am definitely replaying my unique videos, it's well worth the tears! ”

Nellie I.

“Jai Gobind is an endless source of hardcore researched verified sources quoted plethora of fascination astrology/astronomy, meditation/yogi practices and just pure teachings no fluff but all in an exciting and fun delivery. A real joy!”

Dawn Thompson