I have called on the Goddess, and found her within myself

This online training is designed for the modern Priestess, the Lightworker, the Starseed who is ready to step into her divine purpose. We as women have the power within ourselves to elevate our vibrational frequency thereby elevating the vibrational frequency of the Earth, to heal and to awaken within ourselves our creative life force. 

We flow with the moon, we move with grace, we expand in awareness and we hold healing space for others. It is time we learned and remembered from deep within our DNA how to use our Sacred Divine Feminine Powers. 

Let us find our grace, let us find our wild, let us awaken our magic. 


This training is part 1 of a 3 part series with the end goal of becoming certified as an AKASHIC RECORDS reader. The underlying theme of this Level 1 is to learn the fundamentals for understanding how the AKASHIC RECORDS work and what they are.

 Level 2 will help you apply the teachings deeply in your personal life, inviting you to heal from trauma and awaken your intuitive abilities that will help you tap into and read the AKASHIC RECORDS. 

Level 3 is the AKASHIC RECORDS CERTIFICATION course. You can sign up for all three or just one or two, you choose, but if you want to take the deep dive into your personal healing on all 3 major levels, Body, Soul and Spirit, this fundamental class will launch you into a powerful journey where you will learn how to use your gifts and share them with the world in your own unique way!

Level 2 is tentatively scheduled for July 2022 (cost $666), and Level 3 is tentatively scheduled for October 2022 (cost $999). Payment plans available for all 3 courses. You sign up for each course separately. Level 1 is required for Level 2 and Level 2 is required for Level 3. 

I would like to mention here the power of numbers and their meanings. 333, 666, and 999 are sacred numbers that have to do with the 3rd dimension, the 6th dimension and the 9th dimension. We will dive deeply into what these dimensions mean, but for now, just know that the cost of each level is strategically chosen to energetically and quantumly align you with who you are here in the 3rd dimension, how you become a master creator in the 6th dimension and connect to the AKASHIC in the 9th dimension. I hope you enjoy this journey and can't wait to start!


We begin with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus and the Earth herself! This energy is about the goddess, the great mother, our desires, and how we manifest abundance in our lives. Taurus has a deep connection to Hathor, the great mother who creates and protects. This will be a powerful time to activate the sacred feminine divine codes for healing on the planet. 

Eclipses are also moments of fate and destiny, moments of revolutionary change in our lives and with Uranus currently in the sign of Taurus, this eclipse season will shake things up, and we will be riding that wave together! We will travel together through the moon's full monthly cycle from new to full, to new moon again. Don't miss this opportunity to take a quantum leap forward in your spiritual journey! 

This program stars Friday, April 29th, 2022 with our NILE RIVER AKASHIC INITIATION. We will then meet for 9 weeks total on Saturdays, starting April 30th, 2022 (for 7 hours) from 9am-4pm Pacific, 12pm-7pm Eastern. All meetings will be held on the Zoom platform and will be recorded so there are always replays to watch afterwards.

This program offers over $2000 worth of value and only costs $333! *PAYMENT PLAN IS AVAILABLE*


*May 21st, 2022 is a tentative day because of an unconfirmed event I am booked at. If we do not meet on this day I will update the schedule to reflect the change. 


Friday April 29th, 2022 ~ 4-5pm Pacific, 7-8pm Eastern


WEEK 1 ~ Saturday April 30th, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern


WEEK 2 ~ Saturday May 7th, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern


WEEK 3 ~ Saturday May 14th, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern


WEEK 4 ~ Saturday May 21st, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern


WEEK 5 ~ Saturday May 28th, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern


 WEEK 6 ~ Saturday June 4th, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern


WEEK 7 ~ Saturday June 11th, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern


WEEK 8 ~ Saturday June 18th, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern


WEEK 9 ~ Saturday June 25th, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern


Saturday July 2nd, 2022 ~ 9-4pm Pacific, 12-7pm Eastern

Are you ready dive in?

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What you will learn

  • Initiation

    You will be initiated into the ancient mystery schools of Hathor and Ancient Atlantis, and learn how to activate your sacred space as you step into your sovereignty.

  • Intuition

    You will learn how intuition works, how to access it and how to find your psychic gifts in your natal chart.

  • Empowerment

    You will learn the essence of embodying the sacred divine feminine and how to take care of yourself by setting healthy boundaries in your life.

  • Astrology and Gene Keys

    You will learn how to find Goddess markings in your natal chart and discover what type of Cosmic Goddess you embody through understanding the asteroids, the planet Venus in your chart, what Venus Phase you were born under as well as what Venus Star Point you embody. We will also explore your Gene Keys Activation Sequence as a tool to help you understand your life's work, evolution, radiance and purpose in life. All with the aim of understanding your unique genius and transforming your shadows into gifts.

  • Moon Magic

    You will learn what the Moon phases are, how to work with the Moon phases to manifest, and the transiting Moon to access magical and multidimensional portals.

  • 13 Moon Centers

    You will learn what the 13 Moon Centers are, how to identify them within yourself, how to chart and balance them and how to honor your own Moon Center Cycle with the aim of living in harmony and balance with your emotions.

  • Ritual and Ceremony

    You will learn how to create your own Moon Goddess altar honoring everything you have learned in this course, as well as how ritual and sacred ceremony can enhance your divine feminine experience.

  • 40 Day Meditation

    We will embark on a powerful 40 Day Meditation journey together. The meditation comes from the ancient lineage of Kundalini Yoga known to have been channeled from the Akashic. This 40 day meditation practice will help you stop negative habits, clear your mind, activate all chakras and increase intuitive abilities.

  • Akashic Records

    Together we will enter into the Akashic Records though our Temple Initiations and explore the magic of our timeless soul. You will also be learning everything about what the Akashic Records are and how they work. We will be diving deep into the understanding of the creation of the universe, the Earth, Galactic and Cosmic plan/purpose, the sacred web of Akashic Records and how accessing this web will help you be of service to this planet and help you to live coherently with your body mind and spirit.

  • Temple Initiations

    Each week we will experience a new Temple Initiation through the Akashic Records. These initiations are the ones required of the Initiates (students) in the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and ancient Atlantis.

  • Hermetic Alchemy

    We will take a deep dive into the exploration of the 7 laws of Hermetic Alchemy through the weekly sessions and work on becoming coherent in all of these areas in our lives. We will also explore sacred geometry and how it is related to the seven hermetic laws and explore the 9 dimensions and how they relate to our bodies, chakras and astrological chart.

  • Kundalini Yogic Technology

    Each week we will work on aclimating our frequency through kundalini yoga meditations and kriyas to prepare for the Temple Initiations. This is how we will start off each Saturday. Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice believed to have been channeled from the AKASHIC. This yogic technology works with the 8 major chakras in the body, the 10 bodies and your whole body, mind, spirit connection.


Jai Gobind

Channel for Grace

I have been inspired through my years of experience in yoga, meditation and self healing to share this magical world with you. There are so many tools like meditation, visualization, journaling and more that can be a transformational way to help you dive deeper into your experience of being a human being on this beautiful Earth! I want to share these tools with you. My passion is teaching you how to harness your inner voice, to uncover your Soul's calling and passion and create the life you've always dreamed of. 

What people are saying about Jai

“I highly recommend Jai Gobind for all your Truth-seeking needs. She is an extremely gifted reader, teacher and astrologer (among other things). She's the real deal and if you've come across this message, that means that you are too and Jai can help you explore that and understand what it is you are searching for. Whether that's more meaning in your life, an understanding of why something has transpired the way it has or to unlocking your true potential, origins and gifts. I guarantee you'll find what you need with her help. Since I started learning from Jai, I've opened up some amazing possibilities and energies for myself and others as well. I hope to continue to do so in an effort to help lift the vibration of consciousness as a whole. ”

Wendy Hinojosa

“I love Jai's approach to astrology and the way she teaches! It's like she gives you all of the tools and explains how the different parts work together to let you access your own wisdom and insight. She's always sharing what she's learning, which makes her teaching accessible to beginners, and she takes an investigative approach, full of curiosity, making her courses fun and lively. I highly recommend her courses to anyone who's interested in learning more about astrology!”

Veronia Wiley

“The internet is full of social groups, clicks and cult's, but what I found at Channel for Grace, turned out to be a tribe (yes, an actual tribe) of people who had many things in common with myself. I had been invited to a new moon ceremony that a very close friend was attending on a YouTube Live. It was Jai Gobind. Immediately, I felt and remembered the whole culture she was providing. From the original indigenous music she played and sang, to the stories shared through her guides, Jai seemed like an incarnation of a great spiritual teacher like from long ago...give Jai your trust. She will guide you in truth. ”

Chriss Cassels

“I am BLOWN AWAY by the accuracy of this Starseed Ancestry reading. Multiple times through the video I found myself awe-struck by the detail she was giving me. It was like she was reading so many deep hidden secret truths about myself that had been tucked away or ignored, but I could feel them in my bones. Secrets that some of even my closest of friends don't know about me, parts of myself that I was taught to hide away as a kid. Phenomenal. If you're feeling pulled to get this reading I 100% recommend you get it here by Jai. It's like the stars are able to speak through her and I promise you will not be disappointing. I'm about to sign up for the next level of her Astral Starseed DNA Activation next. Amazing. I am amazed by the amount of accurate detail in this video and imagine I'll be re-watching it to take notes quite a bit. ”

Brittany Eifler

“I’ve had my Natal chart as well as current transits read by a few different people over the years. I can unequivocally say that none are as thorough or touch the level of intuitive insights that Jai Gobind provides in her reading. It took me days to simply digest the written report because it was so detailed and thorough. In addition, our time together walking through all the details of my charts was fascinating and comprehensive. She makes space for questions and discussion as she walks you through the information. Her way of reading is as much teaching as it is information transfer. Ultimately, what you end up with is a roadmap of what you came in with and how you can leverage that information to walk through your life. At this huge inflection point in the cosmos, her reading is a gift and grace that allows you to navigate life with confidence and support. Thank you for sharing your gifts in this way Jai.”

Zaakera Stratman

“I've never felt so understood and complete. I resonated so much with this reading. I had chills the whole time and even cried! Questions that I have always had have been answered. I am totally signing up for the activation. So much makes sense! Thank you so much for this beautiful reading and for the work that you do! ”

Abby Doyle

“An amazing spot on Star Seed reading with Jai. I was amazed at the accuracy of the reading. It provided me with insight and direction for living my life with Divine purpose.”

Belinda Eriacho

“Jai Gobind is goddess of wisdom incarnate in human form. She embodies the divine feminine while honoring the divine masculine. Her gifts flow in abundance and she shares all that comes through freely and with grace. I have met many who walk this spirit path and few to none come close to what Jai walks with. Her humble strength allows the teachings that flow through her to deliver an impact which is desperately needed in this day and age. Her Tarot readings are light years beyond 99% of the people out there. Using her intuition and connection the message you need flows through with clarity and simplicity. I have a profound respect for how she shows up in this world and for the gifts she shares with any and all seeking to learn. Thank you dear soul for honoring your path in this lifetime, it is a gift to all who encounter you.”

Zaakera Stratman

“WOW! Overwhelmed with gratitude, words don't fully express how I'm feeling about Jai Gobind. I finally found my soul family and Jai is my divinely guided guru! Her intuitive readings and courses are for anyone. Yes, especially YOU, reading this. You know you are not here by accident and we all have a specific and beautiful purpose. Don't you want to know what it is? Her intuition is her super power and uniqueness is like no one else. Her way of teaching is masterful and always with loving kindness. Through my Starseed Ancestry Reading, I finally had the answers to fully know my origins and real purpose. And then, Jai took me on an epic journey through the Astral Starseed DNA Activation, where I was able to awaken the depths of my soul and reconnect to my higher self. I finally felt like I came home. I am definitely replaying my unique videos, it's well worth the tears! ”

Nellie I.

Bonus material

Receive the following as bonuses for participating in the training!

  • Natal chart

    $25 value

    Receive a complementary copy of your natal chart which will include the Goddess asteroids!

  • Support

    $100 value

    Receive support from Jai Gobind during all the live sessions, by asking questions and interacting LIVE!

  • Community


    Get access to our exclusive MeWe Moon Goddess Training group!


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