Find Balance. Step into your Power and Embody the Goddess.

"I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself"

-Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon

What You'll Learn

This online training is designed for the modern Priestess, the Lightworker, the Starseed who is ready to step into her divine purpose. Women have the power within themselves to elevate the vibration of the Earth, to help themselves heal from anything and to awaken within others their creative force. We flow with the moon, we move with grace, we expand in awareness and we hold healing space for others. It is time we learned and remembered from deep within our DNA how to use our Sacred Divine Feminine Powers. Let us find our grace, let us find our wild, let us awaken our magic.

We will begin on the New Moon in Aquarius, which is ushering in the Aquarian Age and the future of humanity, and we will travel together through the moons' full monthly cycle from new to full, to new moon again.

$108 special price till January 28, 2021!

$222 starting January 29, 2021. ~ Begins February 11th, 2021 ends March 6th, 2021

Program starts Thursday February 11th, 2021. We will meet Saturdays (for 2 hours) at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern (Special INITIATION Ceremony on Thursday Feb 11th, 2021 at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern - for 1 hour).

INITIATION ~ You will be initiated into this ancient sisterhood and learn how to activate your sacred space and step into your sovereignty.

INTUITION ~ You will learn how to find your psychic gifts in your natal chart. 

EMPOWERMENT ~ You will learn the essence of being a woman, how to take care of yourself and set healthy boundaries in your life. 

GODDESS MARKINGS ~ You will learn how to find Goddess markings in your natal chart and discover what type of Goddess you embody. 

MOON GODDESS MAGIC ~ You will learn how to work with the transiting Moon to access magical and multidimensional portals.

About Your Instructor

Jai Gobind

Jai Gobind

Channel for Grace

I have been inspired through my years of experience in yoga, meditation, shamanism and self healing to share this magical world with you. There are so many tools like meditation, visualization, journaling and more that can be a transformational way to help you dive deeper into your experience of being a human being on this beautiful Earth! I want to share these tools with you. 

My passion is teaching you how to harness your inner voice, to uncover your Soul's calling and passion and create the life you've always dreamed of.

4 Week Topics

Creating Sacred Space and setting New Moon intentions

Your psychic gifts and self care

Goddess markings in your natal chart

Journaling, essential divine feminine meditations and journeys

Moon Goddess magic and alchemy with the fixed stars

How the shifting moon centers affect your daily life


Jai Gobind is a woman of authenticity and immense grace. As a teacher, she brings wisdom, compassion and transformation, as a musician she elevates, transforms and brings joy and as a sister she brings community and love. Working and learning with Jai Gobind has been an amazing journey!
Jai Gobind is Goddess of Wisdom incarnate in human form. She embodies the divine feminine while honoring the divine masculine. Her gifts flow in abundance and she shares all that comes through freely with grace. I have met many who walk this spirit path and few to none come close to what Jai walks with. Her humble strength allows the teachings that flow through her to deliver an impact which is desperatelly needed in this day and age.
Jai has a way with her teaching ability to hold an elevate her students with such care and awareness of what each of us is going through in her class. She never overlooks the focus of what is being taught and makes sure all of us as her students embody exactly that of what she is teaching. Her connection to the divine feminine is deeply rooted in her spirit and shows in her expression of her teachers and uplifts all that seek her knowledge and wisdom.


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Bonus Material

Natal Chart

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Receive an emailed copy of your natal chart in PDF form



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Ask questions and receive support from Jai Gobind during our live sessions


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Get access to Jai Gobind's private MeWe group designed specifically for students of the Moon Goddess Training

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