A Circle of Stars Interactive E-book

A Circle of Stars Interactive E-Book

A guided astrological journey through the Celtic and lunar wheel of the year

Embody yourself

as a soverign daughter

of the earth, moon and stars!

In the fast-paced modern world where so much is changing, many of us are feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced in our daily lives. We’re often pulled in so many different directions that it can be challenging to prioritize our own longings and desires.

And yet despite the chaos around us and our never ending to-do lists, we hear a deep call to return to a slower and more meaningful way of life. Maybe you feel this way, too?

You long to transcend the daily grind and find meaning in the chaos. To discover your own sense of truth and connect to the spiritual guidance that’s all around you. 

To live a life of deep intention.

A Circle of Stars interactive E-book is an astrological journey through the lunar and Celtic wheel of the year to create a life of deep intention right at your fingertips. It will support you to listen to your own spiritual guidance and come into heartfelt relationship with the sacred cycles of the earth, moon and stars.

We know how busy life can get, so we’ve designed this guidebook to be a powerful resource that makes connecting to the sacred cycles simple.

We have woven together ancient and reverent traditions that have been honored for millennia, which include Classical astrology, Celtic astrology, and the Celtic wheel of the year.


The journey begins

on October 31st, 2020 (SAMHAIM - the Celtic new year), and ends October 2021

We hope that you enjoy having amazing mobile access to this powerful e-book and being able to navigate through all of the special festivals and new and full moon astrology and rituals.

What's included

Astrology of new and full moons

New and full moon rituals

Wisdom and astrology of the eight Celtic festivals of the year

Seasonal recipes

Introduction to Classical and Celtic astrology

Introduction to ritual and seasonal celebration


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Bonus Material



$25 value
Download and print this calendar of all the major Celtic festivals and all the new and full moons, including eclipses.

Astrology guide


$25 value
A quick guide to understanding your birth chart.


facebook group

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A special Facebook group to connect with like-hearted souls who are also on this journey.

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