40 Day Meditation

40 Day Meditation

Welcome prosperity into your life!

Ignite the Fire within You!

FREE 40 Day Meditation for Prosperity

Join Jai Gobind for an invigorating 40 Day Meditation Activation to ignite the fire within you and promote prosperity in your life. 

Enjoy this FREE 40 day guided meditation as you get a taste of what our ONLINE PROGRAMS are all about. 

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About Jai Gobind

Jai Gobind

Jai Gobind

Channel for Grace

I have been inspired through my years of experience in yoga, meditation, shamanism and self healing to share this magical world with you. There are so many tools like meditation, visualization, journaling and more that can be a transformational way to help you dive deeper into your experience of being a human being on this beautiful Earth! I want to share these tools with you. 

My passion is teaching you how to harness your inner voice, to uncover your Soul's calling and passion and create the life you've always dreamed of. 


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